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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walk In Closet...Built Ins!!

I have the best/handiest husband ever!  I was away for the weekend with the kids, visiting family.  I came home to this...

Not the best picture, but its the beginning of built ins for our walk in closet.  He had measured, designed, and stained all the wood, and I was loving it!
I went to work emptying the existing closet, it all got put into the guest room.  I vowed to go through it all and not put it all back in.  There was some extreme cleaning needed!  The closet also got painted, from tan to a light blue. 
Before shots:
(Yes I color code it all...its just easier for me :))

Some more staining and cutting was needed and then the install was ready to begin.  This whole project took about a week, and cost under $300.

We put in a new light fixture, more modern and you can direct the lighting.

I wasted no time filling it up.  I was able to fit about the same amount of "stuff" in the closet.  I have a lot more hanging space and shelving for clothes.  I was still able to fit our suitcases in, which was good because I had no idea where else they would go.  I am still searching for the perfect bins, I purchased the white ones from IKEA, but they are so plain.  I like the polka dot ones, thinking of getting a few more.  I keep scarves and swimsuits in the large one.  

This is jewelry holder/photo frame I had received as a gift.  I think it looks perfect in the closet.  

I love our new closet it makes me feel so much more organized, and I think it looks beautiful!

Another before/after