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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Laundry Room Update!

My super handy husband decided it was time to make me some pedastals for my washer and dryer machine.  He had them done in one weekend, and I am loving them.  I had painted the laundry room about a year ago and now I really feel like it is more finished.  You have to pass through the laundry room to get to our garage so, it is a very narrow place, which made it hard to take pictures.

Here are a couple before shots

 I snapped some photos in the process, in case you have someone handy in your life and would like to try and build one similiar to mine.  Trust me these things are built to last, there is no worries that it can't hold up to some heavy loads of multiple pairs of jeans!

I purchased the underneath baskets and Target and first I was going to have two baskets, but figured it would add a lot of storage if I crammed four underneath there.

Another added bonus is the convenience of not bending over as much to load and unload.  The storage underneath is a great space to hide things. 

This a towel rack we picked up at Goodwill, that is perfect for hanging some cleaners on.

I love my updated laundry room and all the extra storage that it now provides. 

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